Santa’s new helpers: Mega Ships

It is estimated that between 400-500 million children are expecting a visit from Santa this Christmas, let alone any adults that might be lucky enough to receive gifts. This being the case, Santa will need to deliver over half a billion packages. How will Santa manage to deliver all these gifts in time?

Cargo Security

Cargo security is a top priority for the majority of shippers. Find out here how to ensure safe cargo with quality cargo security.

Combatting Shipping Emissions

Container Ship

There’s no doubt about how integral the shipping industry is to modern society, anytime anybody needs to have anything anywhere, shipping will inevitably be a part of some stage of that process. However, the carbon footprint associated with this is a global issue. Many countries are setting targets to tackle this with industry leaders understanding that green shipping is the way of the future – as a result, organisation are working towards this goal.