Shipping Jobs

The shipping industry is abundant with exciting career opportunities both nationally and internationally. There are a wide range of career paths to choose from, whether you would like to work as a part of a shipping line, chartering, administration or even as a part of a ship’s crew. Alchemy Global Talent Solutions is available to assist both candidates and clients plusand advise wherever you may require with regards to shipping industry careers. Whether wanting to find or fill a shipping job vacancy within the shipping industry, our expert team of consultants will endeavour to find your perfect match.

Container Ship

The shipping lines run all day-to-day aspects of the shipping industry, and so will employ people for a wide variety of positions from administrators to analysts. Large shipping lines generally hold dedicated offices within a port which will manage regular operations, although a smaller company may instead nominate a liner agent or a shipping agent to run some ship operations on their behalf.

Ship operations management is one of the most challenging areas of the shipping industry, especially since many roles involve being based on a shipping vessel as well as on land. Ship management is often carried out by independent companies and will involve very technical knowledge. This knowledge could be in the operation or engineering of a ship, or in the purchasing and financial aspect of shipping. Ultimately a ship management company must use their operational and technical services to transition a ship, its crew, cargo and documentation from one point to another.

Other Shipping Sector Roles

The shipping industry varies further in other available sectors of work. There are roles in chartering (involving the chartering or hiring of a ship for personal or commercial use), brokering (a financial service where ship brokers act as intermediaries between ship owners and charterers) or even research (this could mean working on a research vessel for long periods in difficult environments). Yet, there are still standard skill sets that are very useful within shipping. Administrative, legal, insurance and supply management skills are all essential.

Finally, there are also large shipping opportunities in crewing. Crew jobs hold fantastic opportunities to travel the world and experience different cultures. Work is available on all manner of vessels such as ocean lines, cruise ships or even private yachts. Whether a ship’s captain, crew manager or more junior crew member, or even a more technical role such as chief engineer, there is plenty of scope in ship crewing to carve out an exciting and unique career.